Rotary feedthrough with ISO-K flange for high loads and high torques

This rotary feedthrough with an ISO-K flange has been designed for high output torques. Moreover, it is suitable for high radial loads. The shaft is connected using parallel keys.

Technical data

Leakage rate: < 1 x 10-8 mbar x l/s
Operating temp., non-cooled: -20 bis 90 °C
Operating temperature, cooled: > 90 °C
Pressure differential: up to 1 bar
Vacuum range: up to UHV
Housing: Stainless steel
Shaft: Stainless steel, magnetic
Magnetic fluid: Maintenance-free

Available options

  • Housing cooling
  • Customer-specific versions

Part number 1017627
Weight (kg) 4.800
Dimensions (mm)
Shaft diameter, vacuum side 25k6
Shaft diameter, atmospheric side 25k6
Shaft length, vacuum side 62.5
Shaft length, atmospheric side 60.0
Total length 231.0
Length, atmospheric side 168.5
Length, vacuum side 62.5
Total housing length 108.5
Housing length, vacuum side
Housing length, atmospheric side 108.5
Housing diameter, vacuum side
Housing diameter, atmospheric side 92.0
Length of parallel-key groove 40.0
Distance from parallel-key groove to shaft end 11.0
Width of parallel-key groove DIN6885-A-8x7x40
Flange diameter ISO-K DN63
Shaft specification
Max. rotational speed 1,500 min-1
Max. transmittable torque* 110.00 Nm
Friction torque 0.8 Nm
Max. axial load [Fa1]** 300 N
Max. axial load [Fa2]** 300 N
Max. radial load [Fr1]** 500 N
Max. radial load [Fr2]** 500 N

*   The torque calculation is based on mean calculated values.
** The load calculation is based on assumed values, which cover 95 % of applications.
   Individual calculations can be made for borderline applications.