Assembly services

At our Schollbrunn site, we have set up assembly rooms where we can also perform vacuum assembly services with our skilled staff.

We offer our customers assembly services covering everything from subassemblies through to complete end products, inclusive of the pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics.

Our hybrid assembly is carried out in a cleanroom under flow boxes equipped with powerful fan-filter modules of cleanroom ISO class 6 to minimise contamination with particles. Depending on the assembly requirements, the mobile flow boxes can be specially positioned, e.g. in parallel or in series, for an ergonomic assembly set-up.

Hybrid assembly

Components in direct contact with vacuum or at the interface between vacuum and the atmosphere in the end product require special cleaning before assembly. Most components can be assembled and packaged directly in the ISO 5 or 6 cleanroom.

However, parts that are greased, emit gases or have other unsuitable material properties can be neither fed through the ISO 6 cleaning baths nor assembled in the ISO 5 cleanroom, as they would otherwise contaminate it.

However, it is often necessary to assemble precisely these parts together with the parts specially cleaned under ISO 5 conditions and at the interface with vacuum. This challenge can be mastered with assembly in a cleanroom under flow boxes. ALMA has special expertise in the field of so-called hybrid assembly.