Customer-specific rotary feedthroughs

Bespoke solutions for individual applications

In addition to providing standard products, one of ALMA's major strengths is its ability to come up with solutions tailored to the customer's needs. Depending on customer's requirements, our services start with the concept phase, and continue throughout the design and manufacturing phases right through to installation, commissioning and reliable support on-site.

Special designs with know-how for the most varied requirements

We develop individual rotary feedthroughs tailored to the customer's requirements, for example with regard to special recipient adaptations, the magnetic fluid used, the design and position of roller bearings and bespoke cooling systems.

ALMA flange, solid shaft, with cooling, short design, integrated right-angled drive, for high radial loads
ALMA flange, hollow shaft, metallic sealing for ultra-high vacuums
ALMA flange, hollow shaft, very flat design with a large internal diameter, integrated roller bearings for extremely high loads
ALMA flange, solid shaft, exceedingly compact design for tight installation conditions
ALMA flange, hollow shaft, with cooling, drive via integrated synchronous belts