Securable Shaft Nuts for Axial Clamping

Benefits at a Glance

Easy Assembly in Cramped Surroundings
In some assembly situations it is not always possible to radially fix the shaft nuts, but ALMA now offers shaft nuts for easy axial clamping.

Higher Clamping Force
ALMA shaft nuts foraxial clamping are basically fabricated with a three part clamping system. In this way 30 % higher clamping force of the installation can be reached as compared to dual clamping.

Sensitive Clamping Method
Pressure springs are integrated between the tensioning element and the clamping ring which cause only little counterpoise. In this way the shaft nut provides very sensitive clamping. This sensitive patented clamping method allows a very exact fixing in all individual clamping situations.
Fixierungsklemmkraft im Vergleich

ALMA Shaft Nuts avoid misalignment forces and deformations

Tests have proven that with ALMA shaft nuts, there is only 30% clamping force necessary as compared to other clamping methods. The minimal fixing clamping force avoid mislalignment forces, deformations and distortions of the shaft nut body.