Cleanroom cleaning services

Fine cleaning to UCV requirements

Cleaning processes in the cleanroom

  • Ultrasonic cleaning in multisonic baths
  • Ultrasound-assisted interim and final dip rinsing (both with deionised water)
  • Manual pre-drying with treated nitrogen of the highest purity; residue-free final drying
  • Dry cleaning by baking in a vacuum oven

Wet cleaning in the class 6 cleanroom: the components are provided on entry with a badge for identification and documentation.

Multisonic cleaning bath

Dry cleaning by baking in the vacuum oven ensures highly clean surfaces.

Preparing components for use in the ultra-clean vacuum

Even during the planning of the ALMA cleanrooms, special care was taken to ensure that the installations were free of organic substances and that process station design complied with the relevant standards. The result is optimum cleanroom processes, divided into infeed (ISO 7), cleaning (ISO 6) and assembly, testing and packaging (ISO 5).

On entry, all components receive a badge for identification and documentation. Where necessary, we subject the components to drying in which material surfaces are desorbed to achieve a particularly high standard of cleanness.

ALMA Vakuumschrauben zum SchleusenCleaned components are transferred to the ISO 5 cleanroom for assembly.