Cleaning services

HCA cleaning

Pre-cleaning in line with requirements

Clean components are increasingly a basic requirement for the manufacture of high-precision quality products.

ALMA already operates a cleaning line in Plant I where solid and liquid production residues (particles, oils, etc.) are removed from the components after machining.

Depending on their requirement profile, the workpieces can pass through a spray washing system, an ultrasonic cleaning bath and rinsing with osmosis water.

If fine cleaning is to take place afterwards in the cleanroom, component suitability for the cleanroom must be ensured with upstream HCA cleaning.
At ALMA, these workpieces pass through all the cleaning steps described before they are transported to Plant II, double-packed in film bags under cleanroom conditions, for further assembly (UCA).

Cleanroom-compliant cleaning

  • Removal of production-related particles
  • Removal of organic residues
  • Cleanroom-compatible packaging

Clean components are an important prerequisite for the manufacture of precision products.